Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Alien Invasion #112 - Turn Up The Radio Bursts

On The Alien Invasion #112...We discuss what a couple of radio telescopes picked up.  Which cable channel is at it again.  Why you need to check out VOD October 17th.  Plus, a look at rectangle UFOs in the Craft Corner and our picks.

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*  Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space: Could it be Aliens? 

*   An alien invasion is coming as Syfy develops new sci-fi thriller Absolute Zero.

*  Trailer for Alien themed horror film Extraterrestrial released.

* We talk about square shaped UFOs in the "Craft Corner."

* And, our picks;

Thrilling Adventure Hour Episode #175 Sparks Nevada “I’m From Earth” Day Special ‘Space Oil’

Second Suicide by Hugh Howey

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